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Birmingham Disability Law Attorneys

Birmingham Disability Law Attorneys

There Is Something You Can Do!

According to the government’s own statistics, about 70 percent of initial applicants are turned down for Social Security Disability (SSD). Thousands of people with real and serious impairments simply give up. Frustrated and discouraged, they allow the clock to run out on their right to appeal. This is where Birmingham disability law attorneys can assist.

Are you overwhelmed by the complex paperwork?

Have you been turned down for SSD?
There is something you can do. Hiring a law firm like Cox & Reynolds, LLC, that focuses in this area of law can significantly improve your chances of qualifying for disability benefits. Our Birmingham disability law attorneys formerly worked for the Social Security Administration. They use those direct experiences to put your case in the best light to convince the agency to approve your claim.

North Central Alabama Lawyers Representing the Disabled Since 1982

Janet Cox and Mary Neal Reynolds have dedicated their law practice to Social Security Disability claims. With 60 years of experience between them, they can take up your cause at any stage, from helping you prepare and submit your initial claim to advancing solid arguments in your hearings and appeals.
We put great energy into preparing for the ALJ hearing because it represents the best hope for winning your case.

We do not run an impersonal practice with a huge caseload. We devote the time to answer clients’ questions and fully understand their disability. We explain the process and what to expect. We help you take proactive steps to strengthen your claim. We will prepare you to tell your story to a hearing judge and we will be ready to cross-examine the government’s experts.

Former SSA Attorneys Working On Your Side:

Montgomery Social Security Disability Attorneys

Ms. Cox and Ms. Reynolds formerly worked as staff attorneys in the Social Security administrative appeals division. They know why claimants are denied and how to turn rejected claims around. They know how to work with government employees and hearing judges, and they know what it takes to win appeals. We represent people throughout northern and north central Alabama, and regularly travel to hearing locations in Birmingham, Montgomery, Florence, Tuscaloosa, Selma, Gadsden, Anniston and Jasper.

If you cannot sustain full-time work because of a disabling condition, Cox & Reynolds, LLC, provides a free consultation. There are no attorney fees unless we succeed in getting you qualified for disability benefits. Contact us online, or call 800-930-1205 (toll free) or 205-870-1205 in Birmingham.

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We are ready to help, whether you are just starting the process or your claim has already been denied:

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  • No fee unless we win
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  • Preparation for your hearing
  • Appeals Council and federal court appeals

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