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Your Social Security Disability Hearing and Appeals

Birmingham Social Security Disability Hearings Lawyers

Experienced Representation in Disability Hearings and Appeals

If your application for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income was turned down, you are not alone. Some 3.2 million Americans applied for benefits in 2010, but only about one-third were approved on the first try.

You don’t have to be a statistic. You can take steps to turn your rejected claim around. Cox Disability Law, offers the insights and skill to shore up your claim and win your benefits on appeal.

Exercise Your Disability Benefits Appeals!

You only have 60 days from the date your claim is denied to file for a hearing. Our lawyers have prevailed in hearings and appeals in thousands of SSD and SSI cases across north central and northern Alabama.

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Birmingham and Montgomery SSD Appeals Attorneys

Few Social Security Disability lawyers can match the credentials that Janet Cox bring to your hearings and appeals. She has more than 30 years experience on both sides of the law, serving as a staff attorneys for the Social Security Administration (SSA) in the administrative appeals division.

If we believe your claim has merit, we will advise and represent you through all stages of the process:

  • The initial application
  • Your administrative law judge hearing (see below)
  • Review by the SSA’s Appeals Council
  • Appeals to federal court

The Administrative Hearing: Your Best Opportunity to Win Disability Benefits

Ms. Cox enjoys a reputation of solid preparation, professionalism and integrity with Alabama hearing judges, which translates to successful results for their clients.

We can’t speed up the Social Security Disability timeline, but we can help clients make the most of their appeals. While only 25 to 35 percent of initial applicants are approved, according to the Social Security Administration, the success rate at ALJ hearings is better than 50 percent. The success rate is highest among claimants who are represented by a lawyer.

At the hearing, you will tell your story to a judge who only handles Social Security cases. The hearing is informal, but the degree of preparation can make or break the claim. Some law offices fail to properly prepare their clients. At Cox Disability Law, we spend time with clients to go over their testimony, the likely questions and any potential weaknesses in the case.

We also do our homework on your claim regarding consultative exams and statements from treating physicians, independent medical exams and vocational exams, school records, work attempts, third-party affidavits and anything else that could help produce a favorable ruling from the ALJ.

Winning Your Hearing or Laying the Groundwork for Appeal

With their background and decades of experience, Janet Cox is eminently qualified to cross-examine the SSA’s expert witnesses. She always prepares and presents a case in a way that preserves grounds for appeal on the hearing record in the event that the judge rules against you.

We offer a free consultation, and we take no attorney fees unless we win your hearing or appeal.
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